Amir Arhami

UI Designer.
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Hello. Thank you for coming here. I'm Amir; 17 years old and a User Interface Designer. Based in Iran, Mashhad.

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Amir Arhami

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About me.

Born in the last hours of 20th century in Iran, Mashhad; Still living there. Started web design when I was just 11 years old. Became interested in UI design over time. Learnt how to design an Android App on the age 15. Now I’m a web and app User Interface designer and a User Experience thinker; And maybe kinda a graphist.
I’m also the co-founder of Alpha8 Corporation and The Lipe Project. Working as freelance with few companies. The reason why I do not work more is my university enterance exams!
And as talking about my future and dreams, I should say that I’m thinking about these words: migration, Awwwards, the best, PIZZA!

Say Hi!

You can get in touch with me to order a project, getting some advice(!), asking your questions and/or having some fun! The ways to contact me are:
1. Sending your message(s) to my email address on . – recommended!
2. Calling me on +989156568898.
3. Leaving a direct message on my Instagram Page on @madebyamir !
Thank you really!

That was all!
You can follow me on Instagram and/or read my Persian Blog.
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