The title above, refers to an iranian 16-year-old designer and developer; He works on 3 related fields which make him feel joy and excite! These three are web, Android & graphic.
Among these three fields, undoubtedly web is the most lovable one for him, so he concentrates on it.


You can see some of his silly photos below; (They've gotten by my Instagram page.)

instagram | @amir_arhami
instagram | @amir_arhami
instagram | @amir_arhami


As I said before, these are some of my abilities about those three fields:


Amir Arhami; A boy interested in design.
He was born in the last day of 20th century, grown up in Iran, Mashhad.
Amir likes to play volleyball and of course swimming. He listens to kinds of music and singers; But his favorites are Linkin Park and Ed Sheeran. As a matter of fact he hates cheerless tracks. It's good to know he listens to music whenever he's coding. It's difficult for him to get focused on something. [I tried to tell about his bad behaviors!] And also know that his favorite nation (with the exeption of Iran) is Great Britain.
This crazy guy took web & graphic design ahead in 2011; And about 4 years later, began Android development. His method in UI design is flat (and somehow material design).
Between all the branches inside web, graphic & Android, front-end developing is his beloved one.
Presently, Amir is studying in high school beside designing! :D
He is the co-founder of Lipe team & he's happy with his life.


Check Amir's empty portfolio out!
It will be filled soon... :D


Now it's time to tell me what's your project. If you liked my works, you can order. It's possible to order by calling me on +989156568898 or filling the following form:

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